Thursday, June 11, 2009

NY Road Runners All-Women Mini 10k Race Review by Fran

I have to report on my long run yesterday. I was "touristing" in NY City and decided a must do was to run in Central Park for my long run.
Shortly after I entered the park, it was evident a race was taking place (I was running in the opposite direction of the race). A bicyclist was ahead of the first runner who was flanked & escorted by police. I thought, WOW, must be important. Yep, it was--- supported by the fact that the first twenty or so runners had their names on their bibs! I was thrilled to be watching the New York Road Runners all women's Mini 10K (not sure why that name when it was a 10K!). Rose Kosgei, a Kenyan, who lives in SANTA FE, NM won the event. It was thrill to continue to watch as 6,500 WOMEN finished the event, which I was able to watch since I was running opposite the racers.
I chatted with a two runners since I needed water & a porta stop and then finished my run--- continuing whence I came, back down 7th Ave. from Central Park to the hostel where I stayed. I had wanted to just be able say I had run in Central Park, but the NYRR event made the run and memory even sweeter!


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