Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pikes Peak Marathon & Half-Marathon

Jeff Johnson and Rick Aster ran the Pikes Peak marathon and half-mary on the weekend of 8/15-16. This is a brutal course by reputation, which the following description adds to:

Elevation gain (start to summit) is 7,815' (2,382 meters); the start is at 6,300' (1,920m) and the summit is 14,115' (4,302m). The Ascent finish/Marathon turnaround is at approximately 14,050'. The Ascent (and ascent leg of the Marathon) has very few stretches which are not going uphill with the average percent grade being 11%.
Rick did the whole shebang and finished 12/81 in his age group with a total time of 5:49 (3:41 up and 2:08 down). Jeff ran the half-marathon which meant his ascent time of 3:14 garnered a 95th place amongst the men - good enough for 20/200 in his age group. Well done guys!

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