Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Various Race Results

Props to Robert Gonzales for running his first marathon, the San Antonio Rock & Roll in 4:01! I bet that race was a blast and a great way to run your first.

Also running a marathon were Rick and Jan, at the Richmond marathon. Rick came in at 3:27:24 (22/261 in age group, 435/5188 overall) while Jan finished in 3:56:32 (13/76 in age group, 1255/5188 overall). Impressive times for both!

Also, send some congratulations to Mike Montoya for winning the 2009 Baylor Pass Run, a tough little run outside of Las Cruces, with a time of around 50 minutes. The 6 mile race has a 1515 feet in altitude gain in first 4 miles and 700 feet altitude loss in last 2 miles.

I snagged this photo from Danny Montoya' blog:

Is that horse crap?

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