Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Elephant Man Tri Race Report

Steven wrote the following race report on his ongoing Ironman diary blog:

I raced a triathlon yesterday at Elephant Butte Lake here in NM. The race distances were a mile swim, a 26.5 mile bike and a 6 mile run. I finished 11th overall and 2nd in my AG with a total time of 2:23:45. Two years ago in 2008 was the only other time I raced this triathlon and my finishing time then was 2:31:11... yes, I was 7:26 faster this year! I was faster in all 3 disciplines despite windy conditions at the lake yesterday. I was even able to cross the line before my big bro, Mike, who albeit did have an "off" day... I still beat you brother and that's twice in 15 years of racing together!

I am pretty happy considering this was in no way considered an "A" race for me. Friday in fact, was my last long run effort before Hawaii. I put in 17.5 miles in the heat of the day and I spent 12 straight hours on Saturday beginning at 4:00 am with kids traveling to and from a cross country meet. I honestly didn't know what to expect from myself. I just sort of did it once the race director said "go". I almost expected not to feel good but I never really felt bad.

Elephant Man is a tough race and has one of the best race director in NM. The AG awards were EMAN souvenir beer bottles and my medal was a bottle opener so how cool is that!? Afterwards we had fun at the lake with Mike and all of his camping toys and boat.

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