Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spring Running Series 5ks

As a reminder, we will have 4 Spring Running Series races. These are the handicapped format wherein everyone has a roughly equal shot to finish first and the first 3 races are 5ks with the final race being a 10k worth double points.

The dates are:

January 29th
February 12th (Note Change!)
March 5th
March 26th

All events are planned to start at the EMRTC snake.


Aaron Meurer said...

Why aren't races starting at the pool this time around?

Ephraim said...

To be honest because of the 10k for the 4th and because it is easier to mark and measure a course from up there, as opposed to around the campus and on the streets.

Use the run to EMRTC as a real good warmup! :)

Aaron Meurer said...

Yeah, I'll be driving to EMRTC…