Monday, February 27, 2012

SSR Member Spotlight - William Kessler

1. Since the Striders and Riders is a multisport club, what do you
consider yourself athletically?

I consider myself an athlete! Who cares about being labeled as a
triathlete, or a runner, or a biker. I'll do it all! That said, I like
triathlon, mountain and road biking and running!

2. What is your athletic background?

My background is in competitive swimming and high school Cross Country.

3. On average, can you describe a typical training week for you?

I Swim 3 times a week, road biking 3-5 times per week, spinning 2 times per week, and running 3-5 times per week. with the occasional MTB ride on the weekend.

4. What advice would you give to anyone struggling to find time to work

My advice would be: 1. Find a training partner, and have set workout times. And 2. Plan your week around your workouts.

5. Do you have a favorite race and why?

I really enjoyed The Storrie Lake Triathlon last year. It was my first Olympic distance race and the weather was horrible, with winds up around 40mph. The race was a blast anyway, and I won my age group.

6. What is your favorite workout and why?

My favorite swim workout is 20x50m on 30seconds.
My favorite running workout is any nice long trail run ("La Luz" anyone?)
My favorite bike workout is any workout!

7. Where is your favorite place/route/trail to workout in Socorro or the
surrounding area?

I love the Tour of Socorro Mountain bike course in the Quebradas, and running on the single track west of Tech.

8. Do you have a can't-live-without training aid?

My can't-live-without training aid is definitely my watch. And my cyclo-computer on my bike.

9. What athletic goals do you have in mind of 2012?

I have a couple of goals this season: I want to finish a sprint Triathlon in under 1 hour. And I want to finish my first half Ironman in 5 hours.

10. What don't we know about you?

My long term goal is a triathlon sponsorship :)

And now for a speed round...

Last song you purchased: Sexy and I know it- LMFAO
Last movie you watched: The Vow
Last book you read: I'm Here to Win by Chris McCormack
Buckhorn or the Owl: Buckhorn- It's all about the tortilla burgers
Favorite tv show: Bones
Desired super power:
Hollywood crush: Jessica Alba

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