Monday, February 20, 2017

Updated plan for Spring Race Series 2017

New plans for the spring race series - which starts this weekend February 25! The final race will be on April 8, with a separate $10 registration - for a great cause! Details on two flyers below: 

Final Series Race 5K

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Socorro Striders and Riders Meeting

February 19th 2pm at 700 Leroy for the SSR meeting. Topics to discuss at this meeting include Sept Mountain Bike Race, budget, the spring running series and the August 4-5th triathlon. If you'd like to get more involved with Striders and Riders events, join us! 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Toys for Tots Run Results

Here are the results from today's Toys for Tots Run.  There may be errors in these results- please send me corrections if I spelled your name wrong or missed your gender or age.  Some of the hand writing on the registration sheets and bib tags just wasn't legible.   The bib-number order of placing and times have been double checked.

For those of you who participated in the Striders and Riders Fall Running Series, I'll have a separate posting with those results in a few minutes.

PositionTimeBIB #ParticipantGenderAge
10:18:56143Sierra CahillM22
20:20:44181Kyle BlackwellM20
30:20:45131John LeeperM60
40:21:08133Adam GinsburgM31
50:22:00132Alissa (Lune) PajerF30
60:22:25174Colton DowM11
70:22:34182Mark JaramilloM42
80:24:22164Kyle HoffmanM9
90:24:34184Maria CarilliF17
100:24:35186Elektra BurleighF15
110:24:41167Gustaaf van MoorselM65
120:24:55168Denise GilsonF38
130:25:16204Claire EdmondsonF14
140:25:18185Rose CarilliF13
150:26:13138Manuel LopezM37
160:26:59205Thomas EdmondsonM12
170:27:15175Kaden DowM10
180:27:16170Kim SchafferF?
190:27:22147Miguel BernardezM23
200:27:49156Gareth JonesM24
210:28:02134Rodney LealM27
220:28:25203Ayden LewisM13
230:28:33201Robinson FordM9
240:29:06191Amy StephensF41
250:29:16127Isaih OcampoM10
260:29:17190Stephen KralM10
270:30:00193Maria PetersenF23
280:30:01136Flor OgazF25
300:30:58137Rudy LuceroM33
310:31:01165Eric HofmannM7
320:31:01139Ally MartinezF12
330:31:02166Nancy HofmannF42
340:31:42146Shorty VaizaM68
350:32:16126Ezra OcampoM7
360:32:17125Damian OcampoM36
370:32:26192Stephanie KanaanF7
380:32:51202Keller FordM7
390:32:52157Orlando PazM68
400:33:01200Julie FordF43
410:33:49188Brynda LeonF12
420:33:50187B. VegaF31
430:34:54211Rafael MoralesM4
440:34:59210Emily BrindleF38
450:36:17209Raul MoralesM42
460:36:21158Bridget HalesF36
470:36:24159Chris HalesM34
480:36:29197Abby CadolF6
490:36:29196Beth CadolF34
500:36:33180Kathleen JohnsonF6
510:36:33169Riley SewellM7
520:36:52213Mouse ReuschF42
530:36:53212Chris EbochF47
540:37:11172Sara DemorestF38
550:37:53145Betty ClineF47
560:37:54144Kristin ClineF21
570:39:52151Kristen BeersF28
580:39:53150Elizabeth BeersF60
590:39:59179Monica JohnsonF40
600:44:03163Scott HofmannM11
610:44:04129Jeri ContrerasF50
620:44:05215Moira FloydF9
630:44:05130Denise ContrerasF22
640:44:29149Tina GuethF33
660:44:39153Jared HitchcockM10
670:45:49154Amanda ?F32
680:46:33152Annette HitchcockF39
690:46:34176Connor JohnsonM7
700:47:41155Dayton ?M4
710:47:42206Melissa EdmondsonF47
720:51:42173Paul DemorestM38
730:51:58171Liam DemorestM8
740:51:59214? FloydM3
750:52:13216Erin FloydF33
770:53:07160Savanna MorrisF33
780:53:08161Riley MorrisM11
790:53:11219Estevan FrancoM12
800:53:12178Jeanne JohnsonF38
810:55:01218Donelle TorresF37
820:55:02177Cole JohnstonM10
830:58:09162Myles MorrisM5
840:58:13183Patsy AcevedoF54
850:58:13194Michelle PetersonF53
860:58:16195Harold PetersonM61
870:58:17207Melinda HerreraF64
880:58:18217Altagarcia LujanF30
890:58:19208Polo HolabraM64