Sunday, March 26, 2017

SSR Event Calendar is live!

Please check out the side bar on this page for important links. It now includes a link to the SSR google calendar. Calendar FOUND HERE (and on the side bar)! There are some local and other New Mexico Races highlighted on this calendar. Please feel free to Email Us if you have other events to post on the calendar.

Also note: Today is the March SSR meeting at 2pm at Leeper's house on Leroy. 

Saturday April 1 is the 3rd 5K in the spring series at 9am, at the Snake by EMRTC.

Friday, March 17, 2017

SSR Spring Race Series Standings After Race 2.

SSR Spring Race Series Standings After Race 2:

NameGenderTimeFirst RacePointsSecond Race TimeSecond Race PointsTotal Points
Cadol, AbbyF32.581530.421631
Cadol, BethF32.581430.431731
Timmons, AveryF36.151230.291830
Timmons, StacyF36.171130.31728
Brindle, EmilyF49.52626.442026
Demorest, SaraF36.381037.361121
Pajer, LuneF21.07200020
Schaffer, KimF25.08190019
Ocampo, MarysaF0030.221919
Gilson, DeniseF25.38180018
Johnson, KathleenF47.33941.21918
Johnson, MonicaF47.33841.221018
Leseberg, LauraF32.06170017
Lee, MaddiF32.13160016
Ocampo, KathleenF0031.081414
Allen, StephanineF33.16130013
Linker, KimF00341313
Kacey, ThunborgF00341212
Griffith, JessicaF0041.521111
Johnson, JeanneF47.527007

Cahill, SierraM18.042018.482040
Dow, ColtonM23.071623.321834
Hofmann, KyleM241524.581530
Lee, JayM24.351323.481730
Ford, RobinsonM24.041425.11428
Ocampo, IsaiahM24.591224.481628
Ford, KellerM27.39927.441322
Timmons, RylanM27.42827.441220
Grinsberg, AdamM21.01190019
Hofmann, ScottM25.041135.56819
Alvarado, AlvaroM21.55180018
Ford, EphiraimM27.49727.7871118
Leseberg, VernonM22.53170017
Morales, RaulM28.03628.151016
Ocampo, EzraM31.04430.21913
Dow, KadenM25.07100010
Demorest, LiamM36.2238.2379
Griffith, JosephM44.26141.256
Koranda, MichaelM0038.2966
Garza, AlfredoM28.525005
Abernathy, BenM0044.5944
Lee, CodyM32.133003
Sewell, RileyM36.251001
Johnson, LanceM39.121001
Borchers, BrianM39.161001
Hofmann, EricM43.51001
Griffith, JoshM44.261001
Johnson, ConnorM47.131001

Friday, March 10, 2017

2nd Spring Race 5K results

Great job everyone! See you at the next race - with a goofy April Fool's costume! April 1, 9am at the Snake!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Second 5K race Thursday (March 9)

Thursday March 9, 5:10pm at the Snake. Be there a few minutes early for spring series race #2!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Upcoming 5K and 1 Mile walk

This event will also be the last in the Striders and Riders Spring Series. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Next spring series race - 5:10pm on March 9

Note: Change in time for the spring series 2nd race! At the snake for a 5:10pm start - March 9. If you are new to SSR or the series, please arrive at least 15-20 min early to register.

First 5K Race results