Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Run For Your Life!


The annual Socorro Run For Your Life 5k/1 mile is coming soon!  It's time to mark your calendar and get registered. 

This race serves as the first of Striders and Riders Fall 5k series but it's more than that.  The proceeds from this run support Community Outreach Programs at our local Presbyterian hospital.  Bring friends, families, kids; this a fantastic event to "dip your toe" into the world of 5ks.  The popularity of this event guarantees there will be people of all ages running, walking, sprinting or racing.  And for those who'd prefer a shorter trek, a popular 1 mile course is also available. 


Event date: Sept 21, 2019
Start Time: 8:30am
Place: Plaza
Entry Fee:  Adults: 5K Run, 5K Walk $25
Adults: One Mile Walk $20
K-12: 5K Run, 5K Walk, One Mile $10

We hope you can make it.  Happy running!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

2019 Fall 5k Series is Coming!

As Fall approaches, plans are in the works for the Striders and Riders Fall 5k Series.  Come run, jog or walk 5k at your pace with a community of fellow movers.  All ages and ability levels are invited so bring your friends, family, children etc.  Mark your calendars with the following dates now!


Saturday, July 6, 2019

4th of July Color Run 5k and 1 Mile Results

Socorro's Rising Stars Dance Team held its second annual charity color run July 4th and SSR was happy to lend a hand.  What a blast!  This was a well attended event- lots of families and friend groups enjoying the beautiful morning dressed all in white (until the color came out, of course.)  Below you will find the results.  If you didn't make it out, join us next year for this fun run!

1216John Leeper22.31
2195Ephraim Ford23.02
3116Sean Sawaya23.06
4101Ben Adam23.45
5104John Davies25.19
6117Daniel Bradford25.41
7153Christopher Gutierrez27.07
8172Jedi Angel27.10
9163Manuel Lopez27.18
10103Denise Gilson28.31
11222Annette Hitchcock29.15
12218Elvic Tran29.28
13108MacKenzie Conkling29.49
14152Garrick Gutierrez30.29
15215Stephanie Silva31.43
16176Humberto Lucero32.14
17118Angela Lucero33.04
18119Madeline Richards33.04
19211Lorenzo Vigil34.58
20217Jaron Herron34.58
21193Rafael Hiriart35.17
22179Isiah Estrada36.05
23231Adrian Apodaca36.05
24197Robinson Ford36.25
25230James Davenport37.39
26221Jennifer Adams37.41
27196Keller Ford38.19
28198Abby Cadol38.48
29102Riley Sewell38.51
30144Mia Tenorio40.10
31146Antonio Tenorio40.10
32166Sean McNeil40.12
33160Joshua Gutierrez40.47
34107Victoria Pellerito41.20
35159Vanessa Grain41.23
36232Marty Apachito41.23
37106Madison Mark41.37
38109Kathleen Johnson43.01
39220Estella Candalleria43.01
40200Dru Cadol43.05
41182Mandy Durkin43.07
42184Payton Durkin43.07
43199Dan Cadol43.07
44110Monica Johnson43.17
45112Liam Demorest43.29
46113Sara Demorest43.30
47105Brian Borchers43.39
48183Brian Durkin43.41
49185Brycen Durkin43.41
50161Kim Gonzales44.21
51115Jena Bloomquist44.24
52192Gabriel Hiriart45.04
53145Christina Tenorio46.36
54165James McNeil46.58
55167Kade McNeil46.58
56226Jayveon Turrietla46.59
57149Tristen Peralta48.00
58207Myriah Burleson48.00
59189Andrew Moellenbrock49.07
60213Isaiah Grajeda49.18
61171Stephanie Vega49.43
62191Claire Chandler49.43
63178Frances Calderon-Vigil53.54
64114Ruth Bloomquist55.30
65223Paul Blomquist55.43
66151Melanie Gutierrez56.37
67194Amy Mioduszewski56.43
68122Benjamin Baca56.53
69219Zach Saavedra57.49
70140Thomas Padilla58.18
71141Luis Espino58.18
72164Johnaven Robles61.43
73203Julian Jaramillo62.08
74120John Ulibarri62.14
75121Trisha Chavez62.14
76162Emiliana Lopez64.14
77204Chantel Mata64.14
78205Kayla Padilla64.14
79206Chailynn Amaro64.14
80227Marcial Gutierrez65.19
81169Jill Madrid65.49
82126Catalina Saavedra65.59
83181Nadine Estrada65.59
84128Sonia Arellano68.08
85129Adriana Arellano68.08
86130Tania Arellano68.08
87177Marilyn Madrid68.51
88225Julie-Anna Blomquist69.57
89228Wren Blomquist69.57
90158Liliana Gutierrez70.02
91224James Klarkowski70.02
92134Melissa Nash76.01
93135Tina Vallejos76.01
94136Geraldine Jones76.01
95137Melissa Amaro76.01
96155Clara Apodaca78.16
97156Gary Apodaca78.17
98157Kyle Gonzales78.17
99154Marissa Sarate78.31

One-mile Walkers

123Abigail Baca18.16

124Emma Baca18.48

209Brooke Pettis19.43

208Chelsea Armstrong Pettis20.16

131Denise Ortega21.08

210Jessie Otero21.41

142Valeria Acosta21.50

188Lorena Flores21.50

201Annabelle Gonzales21.50

202Naomy Vargas21.50

214Naomi Grajeda21.50

229Violet Alvarado24.07