Sunday, February 18, 2024

Spring Series #1 Times and Points

 Times and points for our Valentine's 5k.  Thanks to everyone for coming!  Next month will be our Easter Egg 5k.  Another opportunity to earn those points!

Open (male, gender diverse, decline-to-state) Female

Points Name Time   Points Name Time
20 Anthony Lavelle 24.14
20 Kerstin Ames 27.19
19 Rob Selina 24.15
19 Dru Cadol 28.12
18 Ben Adam 24.29
18 Emily Brindle 28.35
17 Dan Cadol 24.55
17 Kitty Pokorny 29.32
16 Mark Ames 25.25
16 Amy Kimball 29.5
15 David Hargather 26.08
15 Stephanie Silva 30.48
14 Mike Hargather 26.2
14 Trista Hughes 31.12
13 Jacob Trappett 26.24
13 Chelsey Hargather 32.39
12 Richard Green 26.35
12 Katy Weaver 44.4
11 Sebastian Green 26.35
11 Emma Baca 50.47
10 Xavier Voss 26.56
10 Alex Baca 50.48
9 Liam Demorest 29.17

8 Paul Demorest 29.52

7 Ray Brungard 32.4

6 Matthew Hayes 34.32

5 Justin Nelson 38.01

4 Brian Borchers 45.55

3 Steve Shaffer 49.21

2 Connor Hughes HM

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Spring 5k Series Dates


A new year is upon us so it’s time to get back to our community fun-runs (plus one opportunity to bike!)  We have our Spring 2024 5k Series starting up in February and ‘running’ once per month until May.  We hope you will join us for one (or all) of our events.


Traditionally, our Fall Series is all about charitable contributions while our Spring Series is your opportunity to maybe win big!  For races 1,2 and 4 there will be one $10 winner for females and one $10 winner for an ‘open category’ which will include male and gender diverse participants (you can also choose not to state your gender identity and you will be included in the ‘open category.’)  We encourage you to enter yourself in the category with which you most closely align and know that we at SSR are here to support you.  In each race, the top 20 female finishers and the top 20 open category finishers will receive points depending on your place.  At the end of the Series, the individual from each category with the most points will each win $50!  If you think you’d never qualify to win the Series prize, know that we’ve had kids win, we’ve had run/walkers win… It’s not always the super-fast runners so keep showing up and earning those points!


Our Spring 2024 5k Series schedule is set.  Mark your calendar or click this LINK to automatically add the dates to your Google Calendar.  All races (except Connor’s Causes) are $5. The tentative dates/locations/and themes are:

Feb 17th, 9am, “The Snake” (East Rd near EMRTC), Valentine 5k: wear red/pink/hearts and bring your loved ones

Mar 30th, 9am, Socorro Rodeo Complex, Easter Egg Hunt fun-run: find candy eggs hidden near the finish

Apr 13th, 9am, Plaza, Connor’s Causes: Annual 5k/1 mi to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis research. 

May 4th, 9am, Socorro Rodeo Complex, May the 4th Be With You Star Wars fun-run: dress (safely) as your favorite Star Wars character

May 4th, 10am, Socorro Rodeo Complex, Hit the Trail Community Bike Run


All runs can be registered for on Runsignup (search for ‘Socorro’) or race day.  We hope to see you this Spring!

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

2023 Socorro Run For Your Life 5k & 1 Mile Results


Here are the results for the 5k participants from 2023's Run for Your Life event. Thank you for participating, volunteering, and being a part of this great tradition! If you click on the photo of the text below, you will see a larger version of result page you chose. Race day photos are HERE.





Monday, September 4, 2023

SHS Run-a-thon Support Needed and a 5k Coming Up

Coming up, we have opportunities galore to participate in and/or support our Socorro running community.  Please keep watching your email and our Facebook page so you don’t miss any updates.  Next up on the events calendar:


Sept 9th 7am-7pm NM Tech Socorro High School Cross Country Run-a-thon

Sept 16th 8:30am Plaza Run for your Life 5k Run or Walk


September 9th the SHSXC team will be participating their first annual Run-a-thon at and around the campus of New Mexico Tech.  Coach Beth Cadol has shared the following invite for the Socorro running community:


Hello friends of running near and far,


The Socorro High School and Middle School Cross Country teams are off to a great start for their 2023 season. The team has grown to include 34 runners, many of whom are discovering the sport for the first time. In our first meet of the season at Fort Stanton, the Girls Varsity team placed 2nd overall, and everyone ran their hearts out--some securing course-best times and others learning how to run through the discomfort of their first race ever. Best of all, they took responsibility to fuel, hydrate, and warm up together in time for their races; and, when not racing, they were out on the course cheering for their teammates. These are truly delightful kids. Check out a great pre-season preview of the team by El Defensor Chieftain here.


Over the course of this season, we have several opportunities for the running community to support these students financially and/or with your encouraging presence:


1. Our 1st annual SHSXC Run-a-thon will take place at the campus of New Mexico Tech on Saturday, Sept 9 from 7am-7pm. The Cross Country runners will be aiming to run one mile at the top of every hour for a total of 13 miles throughout the day. Runners will be seeking sponsorships per mile--suggested donations range from a flat $5/mile to increasing increments from $1-$13/mile as the day goes on. We cannot accept online payments for this fundraiser, but cash or checks made out to "SHS Cross Country" are greatly appreciated. If you already know a runner, please reach out directly to support him/her. If you would like to be paired with someone, I would love to connect a team member with an encouraging friend. 


In addition, we would love to run/walk with you on Sept 9! We welcome local supporters to join us any time between 7am-7pm at the Tech gate on School of Mines/Leroy. We will be running at the top of every hour in that time frame, so there are many opportunities to join in. In between each mile we will be having various activities to keep us busy--we hope you'll stay and hang out with us for a while. Bring your kids, too, as this is a great opportunity to introduce the next "generation" to the fun we have on the Cross Country team. :)




We hope some SSR friends will join in on a mile with the kids (don’t worry- you are not required to run all 13 or be there at any particular hour.  Join when you can and help give these kids a boost to keep going as most of them have never run this long of a distance in a day!)  Many of the kids on the current team grew up running SSR 5ks and we are so excited to see them move on to racing with this fantastic team!  If you’d like to sponsor a runner and are not sure how to do so, please reply to this email and we will send your info to Coach Beth Cadol to help make this happen.  All donations-big and small- help support the growing Warriors Cross Country team!


Sept 16th the Socorro Hospital will be hosting their annual Run For Your Life.  This is a classic local 5k run or walk that has taken place for many years in Socorro.  Registration is happening now via RUNSIGNUP.  Don’t miss this one as it is a great opportunity for runners, joggers and walkers to enjoy a fun-run together!  The race will start at 8:30am and begin/end at the Plaza.


We’ll be sending lots of information and reminders about races and run over the next few weeks and months.  Reach out with questions at any time. We hope to see you out and about with SSR soon!