Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mount Taylor Race Report!

The official results are here:

Congratulations to anyone who did this race, it is a butt-kicker. Furthermore, the Tech Hill Hellcats deserve some extra applause for winning their team category.

Speaking of the Hellcats, Jan was kind enough to email me a brief race report which I summarized below. If you have anything to add (especially photos!) let me know.

There were two teams from Socorro, plus soloist Richard the Mighty (ed. note: aka Rick Aster) , plus two other tech students (?) that I did not know.

NMT Team Rock consisted of new professor Mark Person on the bike, Stacy Timmons on the run, Peter Mozley on the ski, and Andy Campbell on snowshoe. They received 6/11 in the 40-49 mixed group. Stacy was ill and ran well even with benadryl on board, and Peter's ski delaminated when the skins were removed. A good time was had by all.

Richard the Mighty received 10/20 in his age category. He looked fresh as a daisy at the transition areas, and he later said "I felt a lot worse after the Tucson marathon".

And the Tech Hill Hellcats STRUCK AGAIN! We raced mano a mano with an Albuquerque group and eeked out a one minute 7 second win over them to take the F 40-49 age category. I ran, Liz did the ski, Lynette did the snowshoe and the Ellenator flew on the bike. Yee-hah.

Rick wants to field a NMT "Dream Team" next year to take on the UNM geologists.


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