Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cloucroft Race Report by Rick

At the 6/6 2009 (8.1 mile) Cloudcroft Rails to Trails run, Socorro runners turned out in force and cleaned up! The run was a (mostly) down and up loop with about a 900 food elevation change following old railroad beds and trails in the Sacramento Mountains ( Here's a photo of the happy crew c/o Steve and Lindsay Montoya.

(out of 126 Runners )

Steven Montoya: 1:11:09 (4th overall, 2nd in age group)
Tim Abeyta: 1:14:10 (8th overall, 2nd in age group)
Sierra Cahall 1:14:42 (11th overall, 3rd in age group)
Rick Aster: 1:17:19 (16th overall, 2nd in age group)
Ellen Aster: 1:17:46 (17th overall; 3rd female, 1st in age group)
Jan Tarr: 1:25:48 (30th overall; 1st in age group)
Jaron Martinez 1:28:08 (35th overall)
Nicky Mortensen 139.26 (57th overall, 2nd in age group)

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