Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Duke City Marathon Results

Full results for the Duke City Marathon are up: LINK

Robert G. Ran the 1/2 marathon in a quick 1:40:30, while Steven (who;s filed under 5k) came in even faster at 1:35:09! On the women's side were Natasha Stopa, who got 3rd in her AG with a 1:49:02 and Emily Krock (also under 5k for some reason), at 2:17:32.

In the 5k, Fran ran her best 5k ever at 29:46 to get 9th in her AG while Sierra Cahall (18:25) and Jaron Martinez (20:43) duked it out in the men's category. Those times garnered 2nd and 6th age group finishes for the guys, respectively. Sierra was even 9th overall!

I hear there may have been more in the relay team's but I can never tell who's who in that division. If you have any info, let me know!

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