Thursday, May 6, 2010

Run For The Zook 10k and 5k results

A bunch of us, some wearing the "double-c's" as I like to call our ill-fated first run of club shirts, drove up EARLY to Albuquerque for the cold Zoo Run on May 2nd. This is a really large run, with 11,000 total runners according to the Journal. A 7AM start would normally be pretty good to beat the May warmth but it sure backfired on a day that never passed 45 degrees. Regardless, this is a fun race due tot he size and cause and you put it on your calendar next year.

We had a few enjoying the 10k, including Gretchen in her first, Sierra winning his AG with a 38:40, as well as Julie F. (47:40), E.P. (57:51), and Lynette (1:14:28). Gretchen said later that one of her favorite parts was seeing the leaders fly by her on and out and back. Julie added to that by stating how happy she was to see Sierra up in the pack of the first 25 as well.

Surely appreciating the later and maybe warmer start, Julie A. (26:04), Eph (20:07), Lindsey (24:58), Brian (24:20), and Nancy (25:23) ran the 5k. I had a fun race and was spurred on by the announcer as two guys behind me started sprinting home at the finish. I had just enough left to stay .5 seconds ahead of them - which was a good thing as they were in my age group!

Most of the fun was had by the kids in the 1-mile Fun Run, though, as seen in the photo above. Go Emma! Robinson and Eph are in the far background, by the way. While the race start was delayed a few times, it was worth it as it's a big run and pretty bewildering yet exciting for the kids. I noticed that most were running, some walking, a few were being carried, and small bunch were screaming or crying for various reasons.

Full Results for the timed events can be found at the Zoo Results page (do a search for Socorro or for the first name).