Monday, January 30, 2012

Austin Gorilla Run Race Report

At 9:00am on January 21st, 1023 people were running through the streets of downtown Austin. Doesn't sound too remarkable? Well, they were all running in gorilla suits!

The Austin Gorilla Run is an annual fund raising event for the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund. Participants raise funds, help spread awareness of the plight of the mountain gorillas, and generally have a good laugh preparing amusing costumes and prancing around at the after party. What's better than a5k race mixed with Halloween, followed by a 10:00AM after party?

SSR members Melissa Begay and Rob S
elina both participated in this event. Also noteworthy is that Socorro resident Bob Broilo was top the fund raiser, garnering both the coveted pink gorilla costume and
winning the lottery for the Silverback Cruiser bicycle!

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