Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dog Attacks in Socorro

Catharine Stewart-Roach sent me the following summary of reports of dog attacks over the past couple of years.  As you can see, these incidents occur at an alarming rate.

2013:  July report showed 7 bites, 2 citations and 1 dog picked up. I have all of the 2013 info but did not have time to go through all of it'

 On March 17 of 2014 I gave the Task Force a summary of the past (May 2013-Feb 2014) and there were 22-24 bites (depending on reporting and interpretation)

May and June had 6 bites and 1 citation....but after June 13 citations. 26 loose dogs were reported.  ( June: 4 attacks, 4 bites (1 dog killed by another dog, one child bitten by a dog;4 dogs@large, no citations issues;

March through June totals: 7 bites, 5 attacks 26 dogs @large, 13 citations)

July-Oct: Bites: 7; dogs @large 25, citations 8

2015 (March through June) bites: 9, attacks 3, citations 6, dogs @large 81 (no citations of these)

As I add it up that is about 47 bites in the past 2 1/2 years which is pretty awful....and those are reported incidents.

The reporting was improving by mid summer last year and I have a copy of the form Victoria Murphy gave to the police since them to facilitate better and more uniform reporting.

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