Thursday, September 22, 2016

SSR Fall Series Race 1 Results

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight to participate in the first race of the SSR fall running series.  We had a total of 28 participants.  Beth Cadol won the race with a time of 21:23.  Vernon Leseberg was the top male finisher with a time of 22:56 (Vernon- we owe you a small cash prize!)  
Our next race will be on Saturday, October 22.  

Please let me know if I've made any errors in the results below.

Beth Cadol454F0:21:2320
Emily Brindle461F0:33:2219
Laura Leseberg452F0:33:4218
Chris Eboch464F0:34:5217
Mouse Reusch448F0:34:5316
Sara Demorest450F0:36:4515
Bridget Hales466F0:39:0314
Abby Cadol456F0:39:2613
Denise Gilson462F0:39:2812
Riley Sewell463F0:39:2911
Dru Cadol457F0:45:0310
Kaitlynn Garza447F0:51:309
Vernon Leseberg453M0:22:5620
Colton Dow459M0:24:4719
Wes Cook465M0:24:5718
Gustaaf van Moorsel449M0:25:4317
Kaden Down458M0:26:3916
Scott Hoffman468M0:26:5715
Kyle Hoffman467M0:27:1514
Isaiah Ocampo469M0:27:1513
Patrick Gonzales472M0:27:2912
Keller Ford470M0:31:0811
Eph Ford471M0:31:0910
Alfredo Garza446M0:32:309
Raul Morales460M0:35:458
Dan Cadol455M0:45:037
Liam Demorest451M0:46:146
Jeremiah Garza445M0:51:295

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