Saturday, January 21, 2012

Open Water Triathlon Series in NM

Everybody out of the Pool!

The 2012 NM Tri Series is OPEN WATER-centric!
6 great races - all unique - all challenging - going to be a great year!

2012 RACES:

Billy the Kid Sprint and OLY – June 9, 2012

Storrie Lake Tri Sprint and OLY – June 24, 2012 (Register NOW)

Dread Mon Xterra Tri and Dam It Man Sprint - July 21 & 22, 2012

Cochiti Lake Tri Sprint and OLY – July 28, 2012

Elephant Man OLY and Long Course – September 30, 2012

You must compete in 4 races out of the 6 to qualify for awards. Point details and awards are found here.


William Kessler said...

Anyone care to join me in this series? I'm already signed up for Cochiti Lake, and I'm looking forward to the back-to-back races of Dread Mon and Dam it Man!

Steven Montoya said...

I am planning on completing the series! Billy the Kid, Dam it Man, Dread Mon, and Elephant Man.