Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spring Running Series 2012

The SSR's have scheduled 4 handicapped running races that are sure to test your speed and the competitiveness of everyone involved. Being handicapped, means that the start time of each individual racer depends on a previous 5k time or estimate. Slower runners start first and try to get out of sight and out of mind as the faster runners wait and hope to pass as many people as possible. Whether you're old, young, fast, slow, man or woman... This series has a spot for you so come out and get fit, test yourself and have fun! The winner of each race will receive a $10 cash prize and the overall winner of the series will receive a $50 cash prize. Post race snacks will be provided and it's only $5 to participate in all 4 races.

The dates are as follows:

February 11th

March 3rd

March 31st

April 21st

All races will be 5k in length and start at the EMRTC Rattlesnake at 9:00 am.

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