Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Island International Marathon Race Report

From Fran, who ran the race in 2:39:

Quick race report on the Big Island International Marathon. THE RACE ROCKS!! The course is along the old coast highway into Hilo. The views are killer since a runner goes through a tropical rainforest for approximately 8 miles with unbelievable views of the ocean. The best was with sunrise in the background, the surfers in an inlet! Just stunning!

The course is reasonably fast and though I walked two and a half miles of the half, I was pleased with my time. AND 15/29 for age group! All a PR for me since it's the 2nd half I've done and the first one was walking!

greetings to all in Socorro! Thanks to all for the great running support you give!
Hilo for now!

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Lindsey said...

Way to go Fran! I miss seeing you around and running with you and Emily! I signed up for Las Vegas, you should do it too! Hope to see you soon-stop by!