Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Race Report: The Acoma Seed Run

Liz Clabaugh sent in this report on the Acoma Seed Run. Jeff and Liz both scored age group second prizes.

Jeff, Monica, Omar, Eileen and I from Striders and Riders, and Natasha, also from Socorro, headed up to Acoma early Monday morning for an 8.2 mile run or a 3 mile run/walk. The race started at the base of the Acoma Mesa where the pueblo is built. It is a gorgeous setting with amazing rock formations all around. The 8-mile race went up and over part of the mesa on trails, then continued to 6 miles on dirt roads. The final 2 miles were on paved road. The 3 mile run/walk was all on dirt roads, I think. The best part of the longer run was that the top 2 finishers in each age group won an Acoma pot. Jeff, Natasha and I all came home with gorgeous pots. Natasha was first in her age group, Jeff and I were both second. Omar got a medallion for his 3rd place finish. It was a fantastic race in a beautiful setting put on by people very proud to share their homeland and culture. Each prize winner got to shake the hand of about 12 people when they claimed their prizes. All in all a great day. For next year, the race was very hard to find online. For people interested in running it, google "Acoma Seed Run."

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