Sunday, November 18, 2012

SSR Fall Race Series Race no. 3 Recap

It was a mild day with fast times. Lori PR'd by 4 minutes (!), John by 1 minute, and several others PR'd. A fantastic job runners! Ryan set a brisk pace, winning at 18:16, followed closely by Gustavo at 18:26! Smiling Minnie took it for the women at 27:18. 

REMEMBER: The final 5K will be the "Jingle Bell" 5k, and yes, there will be jingle bells. SATURDAY DECEMBER 8th!! BRUNCH AFTERWARDS at the Ford's house!! ALL FOOD PROVIDED. JUST COME ON OVER THERE AFTER THE RUN FOR SOME SOCIAL TIME!!! 


Full results:

RYAN- 18:16
Gustavo- 18:26
Robert- 19:34
Rick- 20:08
Jordan Keeley- 20:58
John Leeper- 21:26
Vernon Leseberg- 21:46
Alvaro Alvarado- 23:32
Aaron Krueger- 24:06
Brian- 25:48
Gustaaf- 26:11
Reid- 26:47
Lorant- 27:17
Laura- 30:29
Frank- 32:36
Lindsey Benjamin- 33:05
Kathleen Ocampo- 33:05
Lori- 36:37

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