Thursday, March 28, 2013

Open Letter from Member, Regarding Aggressive Dogs


Some of you may be aware of the troubles I have had with loose dogs in the county and city in a little over a year.  I have been bitten twice.  The last time was on February 17 of this year.  The woman who owned the pack of dogs was cited for loose dogs and vicious dog.  She did not go before Judge Cases but decided to not contest and pay the fines.  She paid $99 for the loose dogs violation and $30 for the dog who bit me but she won’t have to pay that if she keeps her dogs under control for the next 30 days.

Needless to say…I am not a happy cyclist.  The city council has become more conscious of this problem recently and I will speak to them at the next city council meeting on Monday (if they meet on Easter Monday) but I am addressing you now because SSR is THE most important club of runners and cyclists in the city and I know most of you have had problems at one time or another with dogs.  I used to just try and get around the dogs, yell at them, squirt ammonia at them (etc) but now I think that this isn’t working and I am tired of not being able to go for a nice bike ride without being attacked.  I can’t out run a pack anymore.

I think that if we all made it a point of reporting these loose dogs the owners might get the idea that it doesn't pay to be so irresponsible.

A lot of you have cell phones with you when you ride.  So if you are in the county, give the deputy sheriff a call at 575-835-0941 persistence with them has brought about some positive results on hwy 1 and on hwy 480.  In the city call 835-1883.

It doesn't take too long to stop and call and maybe, just maybe, we can make a difference.

Catharine Stewart-Roache

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Liam P. Murphy said...

How about shooting them that might work and deter any further attacks?