Thursday, September 3, 2015

Minutes of the SSR Meeting, September 3, 2015.

Socorro Striders and Riders met on September 3 at Lynnette Napier's home.   Present were Robert Abernathy, Brian Borchers, Suzanne Borchers,  Mark Bottjer, John Leeper, Lynnette Napier, Thalia Quinn, Harold Udseth, and one other person whose name I didn't get.

With the departures of our president and vice president (Robert Gonzales and Steven Montoya have both left Socorro to take jobs elsewhere), the first order of business was the selection of interim officers to serve until the regular election of officers in December.  Brian Borchers agreed to serve as interim president and Lynnette Napier agreed to serve as interim vice president.

We discussed the recent triathlon.  The bills aren't all in yet, but it's apparent that the event will have a lost some money.  Many of our long time volunteers are disinterested in continuing to work on the triathlon.  If this event is to continue, we will have work on budgeting and a strategy for attracting volunteers.  No decisions were made about the future of the triathlon at this meeting, but the members of the club need to consider whether and how to continue this event and a decision about the 2016 triathlon will have to be made shortly after the election in December.

Everyone present agreed that it was most important in the short term to focus on our fall events, including the Run For Your Life 5K on September 19th (Ephraim Ford is organizing this event) and the fall running series.  Robert Abernathy volunteered to direct the fall running series.  We've tentatively set dates of October 3, October 24, November 14, and December 5 for the four races, with an end of year party/general meeting/elections following the race on December 5. We'll be organizing publicity for the race series in the near future, so please let us know of any schedule conflicts in the next few days.

We also set a date for our next meeting on Tuesday, September 29, at 6pm at the Borchers house (611 Western Ave.)

                                                          - Brian Borchers, interim president

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