Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thanks for a great 2018

Have a great holiday season and keep getting out there Socorro Striders and Riders!

As we roll into 2019, we'll have some new members of the Board of Directors of Socorro Striders and Riders. We welcome Matt Perini as the Vice President, and Sara Demorest as the Secretary. John Leeper continues as the President, with Harold Udseth as Treasurer.

Our first meeting of 2019 will be on January 13th at 4pm, at John Leeper's house 700 Leroy Place.

Look forward to our Spring 5K series with races in February, March, April, and May.

And of course, the Chile Harvest Triathlon August 2-3! We need volunteers and participants! Join us! Feel free to email us if you want to help out in any way - maybe as a race volunteer, suggest art for t-shirts or help with hand-made prizes.

Thanks for a great 2018 Socorro Striders and Riders!!

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